The Garden Plot is a story world created by Lowe Haak. It is the home of the flower, and private detective, Johnny Rose and his friends and foes. This peaceful garden doesn’t really provide the amount of action our hero so desperately craves, but from time to time an actual rotten seed is on the loose and Johnny needs to save the day.

Production status:

– A short film of 13 minutes is available for distribution during 2016. Contact Haak Produktion for previews and sales.

– A first draft of a feature film is written. Contact Haak Produktion for production/co-production.

Short film – Production info:

Title: The Garden Plot

Swedish title: Mord, min tusensköna

Creator & Director: Lowe Haak

Genre: Mystery/Comedy

Technique: Stop Motion Animation

Swedish voices: Roger Storm, Sten Ljunggren, Anna-Mia Barwe

Festival Screenings: Göteborg Film Festival, Uppsala Short Film Festival, Paris International Environmental Film Festival, Buster Film Festival, BUFF – the international film festival for children and young people

Recognitions: Nominated for Best Swedish Short Film – Uppsala short film festival, Honourable Mention – Paris International Environmental Film Festival.

News and Media: Article in swedish Metro


Contact Haak Produktion for previews of the full movie:

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