“…Humorous highlight…”
Ekko Film Magazine

“This is a little stroke of genius!”






Flash is a successful digital messenger on the web who delivers messages between mobile phones. One day he makes a mistake and throws an important love message between two teenagers in the spam folder. He goes on a journey to the deepest corners of the web to get the message back but in the end he is forced to choose between his own success or the teenagers love.


The Messenger is director Lowe Haaks graduation film from the National Film School of Denmark. It’s a cute and edgy adventure on the Internet, introducing a unique visual design entirely animated by the shapes of 1 and 0. 

Press about the film:

“This is a little stroke of genius! … The Messenger is a compact match to Pixar’s “Inside Out”. …The interaction between the awkward teenage romance in the real world and Flash’s desperate attempt to regain stardom among 0s and 1s is perfectly balanced. A particularly amusing acquaintance, among the swamp of pornography and phishing in the spam folder, is a certain ‘Nigerian prince’.”

“… Humorous highlight… The director has worked on a concept of simplicity, where you quickly go from idea to image and in his own words have “few means but a lot of feeling”. It works incredibly good!”
Ekko Film Magazine

For a limited amount of time you can watch the film here below. In both English and Swedish!

Enter the password: damessenger

Enter the password: damessenger


Swedish title: Budbäraren

English title: The Messenger

Category: Comedy

Length: 8 min 30 sec

Production year: 2018

Swedish Cast: Olle Sarri, Allan Svensson, Jimmy Wamala

English Cast: Karim Theilgaard, David Bateson, Gary Austine

Director: Lowe Haak

Producer: Pernille Tornøe

Written by: Lowe Haak & Sara Isabella Jønsson

Sound designer: Anders Ankerstjerne

Composer: Jacob Weile Søndergaard